Our services

What time will we pickup packages?

We will pick up the goods by agreement according to the
destination. Overall, if your destination fits into our collection schedule the pickup is between 5pm and 6pm. Later pickup is a question of agreement.

How will you know if your goods were delivered?

Package movement is tracked by scanning and we send notifications on your requirement. Indeed supplier sees status of package in his browser.

When will I receive my cash on delivery?

We send cash on delivery once a week,on wednesday for previous calendar week.

Is saturday delivery possible?

Yes, after fee agreement it is possible to deliver on saturday.

What does your catchphrase “Following day or for free” mean?

If there is any issue on our side that will make us unable to
deliver package to customer following day we dont charge shipping.

Do you have package tracking?

Packages are scanned on pickup and we automaticly send
confirmation e-mail about goods being handovered to our company. The final handover is scanned and the name of the receiving person and his sign on scanner are added. Notifications
to customers are sent by e-mail or by SMS(fee charged).

What if the customer has different opening hours than
when your driver arrives at the recipient?

We will agree with the recipient on an alternative
handover at a neighboring company or we rent a tin
box and leave the goods here.

Do you keep any temperature limits?

Yes, each delivery is monitored at a temperature between 5° to 20°C.